While most deliveries will arrive with your product remaining frozen, weather and delivery delays may result in your product becoming thawed during transit. Products that arrive thawed but still cold can be re-frozen or used within 3-5 days. Please contact us directly at orders@mamachosonline.com with your order number if you have any concerns or questions about the condition of your order.

Please note - Mama Cho’s is not responsible for delays as a result of being provided with incorrect or incomplete shipping information (such as incorrect address, missing codes for building or security gate entry, etc.) as customers are required to provide accurate shipping addresses and instructions for Mama Cho’s to guarantee delivery. Failure to provide adequate shipping information will require additional payment (including the cost of shipping) if a replacement order is to be sent. 

If for any reason you have concerns with your recent delivery, please contact us directly at orders@mamachosonline.com by the next business day after receipt of your order so we can address your concerns and achieve an appropriate resolution, if necessary.